Plumbers Local 98 Insurance Fund Plan Members

Welcome to Costco Health Solutions, your new prescription benefit provider, effective 4/1/2021.

Costco Health Solutions is excited about the opportunity to provide you with our full-service pharmacy benefits, available at more than 64,000 retail pharmacies nationwide, including Costco pharmacies. You do not have to use a retail Costco Pharmacy to fill your retail prescriptions, but you are free to do so and a Costco membership will not be required. To find an in- network retail pharmacy, including Costco locations, near you, please visit:  Wal-Mart and Sam Club’s retail pharmacies are excluded.

Your pharmacy benefit allows you to fill your 90-day generic maintenance medications at any retail pharmacy. If you have questions regarding your benefit, please call Costco Health Solutions Customer Care at: 1-877-908-6024. For additional information about Costco Health Solutions and your prescription benefit please visit:


For future references, find this information on the Benefits page.

UA Scholarship

UA Scholarship Fund Information

We are pleased to announce that the United Association Scholarship Trust Fund is gearing up for the 2021-2022 academic year scholarship awards. Up to 112 scholarships totaling as much as $222,000 will be awarded this year, including 106 for students pursuing undergraduate studies and up to six for students pursuing graduate studies. Scholarships range from $1,500 to $5,000 each. Generally, dependents of UA members who are pursing a post-high school education at an accredited college or university may apply for a scholarship (please see eligibility requirements and award criteria in the detailed instructions found with the application). The deadline for submitting applications is June 9, 2021.

Applications are exclusively accepted electronically through The application is now live and potential applicants can check that website and click on the “Login” icon at the top right corner for additional instructions to access and submit applications. Note that upon logging in, users should be sure to click on the scholarship titled 2021 United Association Scholarship.

Awards will primarily be based on academic achievement and potential, personal achievement, and community involvement. Financial need may also be considered. Scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Applications will be judged by an independent and impartial Selection Committee, comprised of distinguished members of the community. The Selection Committee may request information concerning the financial circumstances of applicants and use this information in the award of scholarships. Also, note that because UA scholarships do not automatically renew each year, receiving an award in one year does not guarantee you awards in future years.

In addition, six scholarships will be given to “Second Chance” awardees. Those selected will be students whose academic achievement is not the best in their region, but who demonstrate they want another chance at an education to advance their potential for higher-paying employment.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting the Fund, and look forward to awarding our next round of scholarships to our deserving UA students.

COVID-19 Testing Center

The Detroit COVID-19 Drive Thru Testing site shifted from the State Fair Grounds to Joseph Walker Williams Community Center located at 8431 Rosa Parks Blvd. All tests will be conducted indoors.

Testing will be open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tests are free to all Wayne, Oakland and Macomb county residents and there is no prescription needed. (They also take all city employees.)


To make an appointment call the CCCN Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

COVID-19 Drive Thru (313) 230-0505

Click here for more information on the Joseph Walker Williams Community Center Testing site.

Click here for the most current information about Coronavirus here in Michigan.

George Floyd Movement – a letter from UA 98 President Rufus Hamilton

Brothers and Sisters of Local 98,

Many recent events across the USA have showcased the pain, disappointment, and anger of Americans following the tragic death of George Floyd.

Equality and justice are the basics sought by all that choose to live the American dream, unfortunately, many of our institutions that exist contain elements of systemic racism. These systemic flaws that reduce the feeling of being treated equally are dehumanizing and show their effects at horrific situations like what happened in Minneapolis.

The campaign against inequality and injustice is one that has had many of debates and protests in various ways for hundreds of years. Peaceful protests are a part of American rights. We have seen many of protest gatherings that displayed togetherness with diversity as they consisted of Blacks, Whites, men, women, young and old. Do not let the violent reactions like rioting or looting distract you from the issues of George Floyd’s death and the need for appropriate legal actions to take place swiftly for those who commit crimes against civil rights. Local 98 understands what it means to stand together in support of something you believe in. We are in support of peaceful protests against inequality, injustice, police brutality and any other scheme used to divide us as Americans.

Our country is suffering at a bad time, the Covid-19 pandemic is still among us and there will be an election that will take place in the upcoming months. So, it’s very important to put elected officials in office that are going to fight to make legislative changes that will help with the ongoing pursuit for equality and ending police brutality.

Local 98 wishes you all stay safe, continue to support local 98 brothers and sisters and do all that you can to produce positivity during this turbulent time.


Rufus Hamilton



Rufus Hamilton May 2020 Updates

Brothers and Sisters,

In this time of great concern and uncertainty, I wish that you all stay safe and healthy. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic is affecting all our lives in many ways. State and federal governments are making the necessary decisions to slow the spread of COVID-19 in hopes of returning our lives to normal as soon as possible. While earlier preventative measures were taking place, a decision to cancel our regular membership meetings until a later date was made.

This pandemic has changed the dynamics of our day to day routines. Many questions and new situations have come about since, we can trust that our officers are working diligently to correctly answer questions and properly address situations. Even though we are following Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order #2020-21, Local 98 will continue to communicate important information to the membership. Being that social distancing is recommended due to COVID-19, you can expect new information and or document exchange to be done mostly electronically. Some members already have seen with the ability to complete a Sub-pay form on the website. As a reminder, the hall is closed, but Local 98’s agents are also filling out Sub-pay forms for members by phone.

Now is a good time to remember that “The Plumber protects the health of the nation.” Do all that you can to be an example of our slogan by doing what it takes to protect yourself and family first. Washing hands and social distancing seems to be our best options in preventing the spread of COVID-19. The use of hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes or sprays on frequently touched items like phones, tablets, computers, handles, etc…are also recommended. I look forward to the day in the future when we can resume membership meetings at Local 98’s hall. I will let you all know as soon as that is possible.


Rufus Hamilton