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Health Insurance Trustees


Jon DeRoo, Chairman
Carlo Castiglione
Wade Kovach


John Green, Secretary
Carl Evans
Chris Freeman


Our Plan Excludes Coverage for Motor Vehicle Accidents!

In regards to motorcycle accidents, if the accident involves a motor vehicle coverage is excluded. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident which does not involve a motor vehicle (for example, a motorcycle hits a tree) then coverage would be provided by the Fund.

Contact your auto insurance agent immediately to make sure you are properly covered for such illnesses or injuries under your no-fault policy.


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Health Benefits

As of July 1st, 2006, BeneSys Inc., is our new Benefits Administrator

BeneSys, Inc.
PO BOX 159
Troy, MI 48099
Phone 248-641-4988

Health Insurance

Call Local 98 Health Insurance Specialist Andrew Hill for questions regarding your Health Insurance Benefits, Coverage, Summary Plan Description, HRA Balance, etc.

Local 98 members can choose to be part of one of two provider networks:

  PPOM or
  Preffered Choices

For more information about either, including a directory of participating physicians and hospitals, please visit their websites or call the Benefits Administrator, BeneSys, at (248) 641-4988.

Summary of Benefits

For those participants who have other Group Health Care coverage through their spouse’s employment, there are 3 coverage option plans available. Consideration should be given to enrolling in Options II or III to maximize the overall benefits available for your family. For detailed information please contact BeneSys.

• Option I, provides medical and prescription drug coverage.

• Option II (Active Participants & Pensioners Only) Provides dental, vision, life insurance and flexible spending account.

• Option III (Active Participants, Pensioners & Surviving Spouses) Provides life insurance and increased annual flexible spending account.

DenCap: Those who have signed up for the DenCap can receive a Directory of Providers by calling (800) 451-5918

Health Plan Advocate

Health Plan Advocate is a unique feature designed to help you and your family with your medical benefits and health questions.

Health Plan Advocate can help you:

  Choose a doctor, especially when you are looking for a qualified specialist that participates in the Plumbers PPO option.

  When you have a question about medical care or your health plan benefits. When inpatient or outpatient hospital services are scheduled. Health Plan Advocate will help you understand how to receive the maximum benefit under your plan. Whenever you or a family member is faced with a serious injury or illness.

   Health Plan Advocate can be reached at 1 (866) 942-1394 (The number is also on the back of your health plan card)