February 26th Business Manager Update

Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to congratulate Sister Adrienne Bennett who is a local 98 Member and owner of Benkari Plumbing and Water Conservation. Adrianne has come a long way since serving her apprenticeship here at 98, to her now employing Local 98 members today. She just received an award called the FAAN’s (Fords African Ancestry Network) by Ford Motor Company, they have given her the “Ground breaker Award” on February 21st. This award is in unison with Black History Month and Fords 39th Annual celebration. Her hard work and commitment to our industry speaks for itself and our local’s gratitude is 100% behind her.

We have received notice that our Director of Training and lead Instructor Paul Baker will be hanging up his bibbs in the fall, I cannot express our appreciation for his efforts and dedication to our program, I will yield my time of for giving praises to Paul when he actually does pull the pin.

In the meantime, we are looking for a Training Director who will continue to advance our program, so we are looking for a current UA member. Who can command respect, teach our Apprentices the trade, stay in pace with new technology and at the same time teach the core values we hold so dearly? This person will work for a trust, which the whole program is paid for by the negotiated efforts of the members of the Local Union. So yes, there is a great amount of accountability and stress involved.

I can assure you if you are currently a foreman, have run work either in the field or in the office you will have the ability to do this job, as you have already fought your way to the top and I am hopeful that you learned to take a beating and give one when needed. If you cannot use the words “NO” or do not know when a young man or woman needs help to stay in the program or when to help that person out the door, then this is not your job. This job is not something to take lightly, it is possibly the hardest job in this Local, one that helps make our future relevant, you will have a direct impact on these new members’ lives and all of our future. The resume application process ends March 6th, if you are interested, please send your resume to the Training center ASAP. Attention Plumbers Local 98 Industry Training Center 1901 Ring Drive Troy Mi. 48083

It’s that time again for your 2020 plumbing License renewal, it can be done online ONLY! For details and instructions please visit www.michigan.gov/bcc

We have currently frozen any new apprentice applications at our Training Center as we try to figure out a potential start date for a new class and then start the interview process.

We have started to clean up the Out of Work List and if you were unavailable to work or did not return a call you have been moved to the stay list or injured list. Please keep your Safe to Work Modules current as we have a lot of automotive work on the horizon, the Training Center is putting on some Med gas and others classes soon as Detroit and the Ann Arbor areas are looking to do a lot of work in the hospitals this spring. As far as SUB pay goes it is assessed week to week, if we have work to man and have to find Travelers or retirees, we stop it.

We are looking for Residential and Service Plumbers at this time, so if you know anyone working Non- Union or a past member that may be interested in us. Have them call 98’s Organizer Rob Moses at the hall or on his cell phone 248-763-2187.

The new U.A. Union cards are in at the hall and are available for pick up to you as your 2020 dues are being paid, these cards are good for years 2020 and 21. If by chance you are in the rears and you are struggling financially please contact the hall and make arrangements. We do not want to fine anyone for something that can be avoided. Sorry to say but we have run into problems with the new UA cards as there is no way to know if a person is current. Jon has been able to make a second card to be carried to our meetings as well as job sites, this second card can now be stamped monthly or yearly as we have done in the past. Now all of our members and stewards on the jobs will not have to waste time calling the hall to see if another member is current. Our hope is this will not only stop accidental reinstatement fee’s from occurring but this will help examining board members at union meetings who are at the door checking cards to lessen any confusion.

Don’t miss out on our agreement with the Detroit Land Bank Authority. Local 98 members can now purchase a home or building in the Land Banks Holdings for half the list cost of a home. Go to www.buildingdetroit.org to see what this is about or contact the hall for details.

THE APRIL MEETING HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE 3RD Thursday which is April 16th due to schedule conflicts.

Have you have ever thought about being a contractor? Well the UA is putting on a new contractor seminar March 25TH and 26 at the 636-training center, it will address topics such as banking, bonding, accounting and the like. The center is located at 636 Executive Drive Troy Mi. 48083, You can RSVP by email to [email protected].

The new Log books are in so grab only what you need for the jobs. We are rounding home on the printing of new Contract books so hopefully, after next Friday we will have them available.

Just a reminder 98’s State of the Union Address will be at Marches meeting on the 12th.

In Brotherhood,

Carlo Castiglione
Business Manager, Plumbers Local 98