May 20, 2020 Business Manager Updates

Brothers and Sisters

Some of this may be repetitive but please read the whole article as things are changing by the minute. Your officers and I are in hope this letter finds you and your family safe during this Memorial Day weekend.  The Governor has now extended the stay at home order until the end of May, even though the CDC and our affiliated Governmental agencies have seen the epidemic peak in Michigan it still has a chance for a resurgence.

At this time, your officers are working together on gathering information on updates to the historic changes, to unemployment and all possible grants to businesses across the country.

*FaceBook Posts, this may come as a shock to some of you, if you need help on anything job related, safety conditions, Insurance questions, Benesys issues or unemployment problems please pick up the phone and call any of your officers. We do not police the FaceBook page, we cannot help you nor can I dispatch an agent to a job we have zero knowledge of. If you do not notify us directly.

* The return to work guidelines is published on the Mi. Department of Labor and Economic opportunity web site for the State of Michigan. Please take some time to review these before returning to work.

* Due to our compliance with Mayor Duggan’s STEP program, we have been given access to free Covid-19 testing to all Local 98 members at the old State Fair Grounds on Woodward and 8 Mile in Detroit. Prior to going, you must call for an appointment at 313-230-0505.  No Dr. note is needed, they will ask you for code and ours is  289488PL. This is free and zero copays.

* Many of you are trusting your contractor to report you back to work, they are forgetting to do so, when you return to a job call the hall or any officer to report your status.

* Due to many large volumes of calls we now are looking for organized men and women, travelers and retirees so next Friday, May 29th, SUB pay will be cut, your agents have gone thru the list multiple times and the calls are ranging from 6-7 days, 40 hours to 70 hrs.

* Our auto plants as well as construction sites are starting their work up again. There are many changes now for entrance to these facilities. If you are asked to do any pre-hire safety of any type prior to entering the plant on your own time that is not going to be acceptable, you must be reimbursed for your time. You will be asked medical questions on your health and your immediate family contacts. You will have your temperature taken before work. The use of 4-10s may be used at first. Shifts may be staggered for a while, watch the start times, as overtime may apply. You will no longer be allowed to leave the plant or job sites, this means going out for lunch or cashing a check and then return, they will not let you come back the same day. You will need to pack food and water for the hours the plant is working, pack a big lunch this is the new normal. The 6’ rule “when possible” must be adhered too and face masks will be supplied to you as you enter the jobs. Don’t be the guy who refuses to wear a mask and the PPE provided, you have no right to endanger your partner, the owner may have you removed for non-compliance.

If you are not supplied with any PPE or feel the job is not addressing these issues you have the right to call your agent and leave the job. We have established an anonymous safety hotline call-in number for our Local’s 98, 636 members and our Contractors to investigate any lack of protection or wrongdoing by the owners we all work for, the number is 313-340-7339.

This is a chance for the whole Building Trades to fight for a sanitary job site, no one person needs to be the only one bitching of poor conditions of porta jon’s and a clean place for lunch. All of you need to talk as one voice and help yourselves on this issue.

* As you know wage allocation is upon us and it is a gamble where to put the increase, whether it is temporary or permanent. No one wants to move money to a check than pull it back for some unforeseen run on a fund. We can post on our web page this coming week. Once we have an official meeting you can then have a vote to approve the final allocation.

* Until further notice all E-Board meetings, Union meetings, and Retiree meetings, will be canceled. The Union Hall and our Training Center have been shut down to all foot traffic.

* We are working on a virtual meeting with some basic information for you in the near future.

* In the meantime, any pertinent information can be found on our new web page, yes Local  98 has a Web Page (not FaceBook).  Your officers can individually report on upcoming work in their areas or issues plus a whole list of information is now available to you under the member-only section.

* You now can fill out sub-apps electronically, this now can be found on the web page.

* The new Out of work list is available to access there as well, just follow the instructions on the top of the web page. Please be patient as we are working out the bugs on the system.

* If your still having unemployment issues call BA’s Gary Glaser or Tom McWilliams.

* If your looking to retire or need help with Benesys call Jon DeRoo or myself, the union hall phone # of 248-307-9800 will direct dial our cells, agents Larry Delehant and Wade Kovach are there to help as well.

* Any Must/Most, upgrades, continuity’s or letters of certifications will still be taken care of by Paul Baker 248-585-1435, our Officers or Jean at 248-307-9800.  The school will remain closed until we figure out a blackboard procedure or the state pulls restrictions. While I am here, I recommend to the apprentices get your classes caught up at Washtenaw Community College, this virus may hamper going to school but not your obligation to the training center.

* Please check our media outlets like the 98 Web page, FaceBook, or call the hall to see if there is any new information.

It’s that time again for your 2020 Plumbing License Renewal, it can be done ONLINE ONLY! For detailed instructions and requirements, please visit Or call 98’s training Center and they will assist you.

Our Local 98 PAC committee has come out in support of past V.P. Joe Biden for President of the United States, with all the twisted things that Washington and our great state have done to the working class and every Local Union in this country, it did not take long to come to this conclusion. That does not mean in any way shape or form we have shut the door on the Republican Party. We will work on a list of candidates your PAC committee is recommending soon on our web page, we will always back anyone who stands with the working people of our state of Michigan and this country just like we have done in the past. You stand with us or against us!

We have currently frozen any new apprentice applications at our Training Center as we try to figure out a potential start date for a new class.

Superintendents and Foreman if you have laid off Pre-apprentices. send the information to the agents with a letter pertaining to their work efforts, someday we will get back to normal and to lose these young men and women would be an injustice.

We are looking for Residential and Service Plumbers at this time, when we get the green light to return to work, it will be a great chance to expand and grow again as many members are looking to retire. So, if you know anyone working Non- Union or is a past member that may be interested in us.  Have them call 98’s Organizer Rob Moses on his cell phone 248-763-2187.

The new U.A. Union cards are available at the hall when you pay your 2020 Union dues, these cards are good for 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Don’t miss out on our agreement with the Detroit Land Bank Authority.  Local 98 members can purchase home or building in the Land Banks Holdings for half the list cost.  Go to to see what this is about or contact the hall for details.

The new Logbooks and new Contract books are in, so grab only what you need for your job. It figures now that work is slow the new contract books have arrived, agents can distribute to a parking lot or open area if needed.

Finally, we had a retired Brother pass away a few weeks ago, his name was William Thompson Prytula, he was a 65-year member of our local. His good family friend and neighbor Rhonda Doty on behalf of the Staeb family donated $200 dollars in his name to our Local 98 Scholarship Fund. From all of us at 98 thank you for being there for our Brother William.       

In Brotherhood,
Carlo Castiglione
Business Manager, Plumbers Local 98


Retiree Meeting


Northern Retiree Meeting


Thumb Area Meeting


Workers Assistance Program, Recovery and Relationship/Divorce Support Groups

This program is not only for medical and/or personal issues, please call C.J. Harrison, Work Life Strategies at 248-545-8301 for an appointment.

Out of Work List Changes/ SUB Pay

All working members will be required to complete a SUB application within 48 hours of their lay-off to ensure placement on the Out of Work List. If you are out of work due to Unemployment, Disability or Workers Compensation, please contact Jon DeRoo first at 248-762-9238 first than BeneSys at 248-813-9800 to verify your continued Insurance eligibility.